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- computers, computer service, service for laptops.


- hardware cleaning , service for computers, software installation, cleaning spyware

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- renting , sound equipment, lighting equipment, video and photo equipment

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- Sofia - Post Code:1309 - Sveta Troitza St. Bldg:303V

Logo LIP Trade bonbonLIP Trade Ltd could be your preferred software partner in Bulgaria and the neighboring countries in the Balkan Peninsula. Our rich experience in hardware and software support makes us choice No 1 for the distribution of your software in Bulgaria. We have well educated personnel in almost all fields in IT business. We support more than 3000 PCs and laptops in Sofia, so it is easy for us to find lots of potential customers for your software solutions.

LIP Trade Ltd could also be your best choice for the IT support of the equipment in your repersentative office in Sofia, Bulgaria. We could build the LAN in your new office, supply and install the necessary IT equipment and make excellent hardware and software support of it afterwards. We are supporting remote or on site the IT equipment of many offices of foreign companies here in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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it supportСъщността на работа на фирма "ЛИП Трейд" ООД е следната: една от изброените фирми става клиент на фирмата след като се подпише договор за абонаментна компютърна поддръжка. В този договор се посочва оборудването, което ще бъде поддържано и броя на посещенията месечно на висококвалифицирани служители на фирма "ЛИП Трейд" ООД при клиента. При всяко посещение специалистите на фирмата правят

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Инсталиране на сървъри


LIP Trade installs and supports:

 This service includes the installation and maintenance of corporate servers (operating systems Windows Server 2003 and Linux distributions) used for the router, firewall (firewall), VPN (virtual private network), file servers, proxy, mail server (company email). Introduction of routing policies and rules (SNAT / DNAT) - transformation of real / unreal IP addresses

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Системна интеграция от ЛИПТРЕЙД ООД - компютърна поддръжка от професионалисти LIP Trade will integrate your existing LAN and systems in accordance of the world modern tendencies in IT business.

With services in system integration company "LIP Trade" Ltd. will integrate your existing and used systems and networks, will work with you in
the introduction and development of new informations systemsand technology business solutions to be able to use a homogeneous and unified information environment and take advantage of the greater efficiency of management and Information oriented processes.
System integration services include building and integrating systems:

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Поддръжка на лаптопи

Maintenance of laptops - what is it?

What is being done to support the laptop? Look at the bottom of swollen capacitors, notifying the customer if necessary replace any of them. Check cooling of the video card in your laptop case when an external one and not with passive cooling. Sofuterno cleaning of viruses and / or other malware. Install any software licensed by customer, by him or purchased by the company "LIP Trade" .Instalirane / updating drivers. Check the hard drive / s for bad sectors and regeneration or replacement of the disc if necessary. Also after consent obtained from klienta.Apgreyd laptop: Add disk space - changing the hard drive if the bottom allows / true for older laptops / .Apgreyd laptop: Add RAM if the bottom is available and

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